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Laverne Cox is everything.

yes, girl, act out!!!!!

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So I’ve been making comic book shoes lately for the fun of it but I also don’t really need all these comic shoes lying around, so I’m thinking about selling some custom ones!

I’m putting this on my disney blog cause I just bought a princess adventure stories book instead of comics this time and I was wondering if anyone would be interested? I’m going out this week to pick up shoes (all brought from clean, legitimate thrift shops to keep my princes low) and if anyone is somewhat interested I can try to pick up a specific size and style for you :) then we can talk more about what characters you’d want and such.

my prices range from $30-$50 (PayPal/includes shipping) depending on how much the shoe is. I used regular mod podge on the ones pictured but I’m going to invest in glossy MP for these shoes as well.

And maybe you could reblog this and share? :) Please and thank you :))

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